The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a shift in business security, forcing companies of all sizes to invest in or accelerate the transition to digital and remote working in order to maintain their operations.

In other words, it is precisely this possibility of working from any location that has further increased the possibility of companies being attacked, a situation that has forced more than ever the migration to the cloud in order to have access to all data.

Moreover in 2021 all companies are aiming to be more prepared, more agile and improve their adaptation processes to keep up with the fast pace of digital transformation.

Organizations are adopting best practices such as:

1.- The incorporation of laptops and smartphones with corporate security controls, as well as requiring employees to connect to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) when connecting to corporate networks, among other measures

2.- Performing Pentesting

3.- Use of Antivirus and Firewall ensuring that there are no unwanted guests during the connection, that internet browsing is done safely. Remember that antivirus detects, blocks and removes malware. An outdated antivirus may not be able to detect the latest malware, so it is important to keep it up to date

4.- Make constant security copies and backups of the information

5.- Weekly updating of systems, otherwise we could be leaving a door open for cybercriminals to introduce malware or make changes without our consent

6.- Create a prevention protocol so that your staff knows what actions to take or not to take in the face of various situations, such as suspicious links and fraud attempts

Without a doubt, humans are the most vulnerable link in the cybersecurity chain.

In conclusion, As a result, the demand for Cybersecurity solutions has increased.

Most importantlyBeing protected is not a simple matter, which is why companies today more than ever are aware that they need experts in computer security accompanied by optimal solutions to respond to possible attacks.

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