We help companies and organisations to define their information Security Strategy, through the creation of Security Master Plans, developing the security policies of the organisations, seeking the compliance and Cybersecurity solutions that best adapt to the industrial sector in which they find themselves, their strategy and their size. 

We design and maintain active business continuity policy and disaster recovery procedures.

We deploy and implement the most recognised security and compliance frameworks: ISO 27001, ISO 27701, RGPD, ENS, all carried out by professionals with the most recognised certifications in the industry.

We base our processes on a partnership relationship, we are believers in mutual trust, excellence and how we will improve the information security and/or cyber security of your business. 




Service Delivery


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We deploy information security and cybersecurity solutions from analysis, integration and implementation to the accompaniment of each project. We not only advise our clients, we innovate together with them.

At nettaro, we design and deploy security tailored to each situation. Providing you with a security plan adapted to your needs, so that your organisation has no limits. 

We work in close collaboration with each client, all executed by our team of certified experts, by cybersecurity standards and frameworks, as well as by the main solutions on the market.

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We objectively analyse the situation in which the company finds itself, allowing us to propose and implement solutions adapted to the needs of each company and the degree of security it wishes to achieve. 

Plan Director de Seguridad

Security Master

Definition of the information security strategy through the construction of a Master Security Plan (MSP) aligned with the organisation’s strategy. Execution of the PDS by selecting the most suitable security solutions.

Plan de Contingencia

Design / Deployment of
Contingency Plans

Given the current aggressive context, it is essential to have a business contingency plan. To this end, we offer the service of design, deployment of the contingency plans necessary to mitigate the current risks and their maintenance.


Adaptation to the

Adaptation of the organisation and its processing to the LOPDGDD. Construction of policies and procedures. Carrying out AARR/EIPD for high-risk processing. Execution of projects to mitigate risks. Forensic analysis of security breaches.


as a Service

Ciso Virtual provides advanced network functions, integrated services and a consistent operating model in physical and virtual environments tailored to the needs of each business. 

Seguridad de aplicaciones

Application Security

Conducting security audits with legal, organisational and technical approaches in order to minimise risks to applications, processes, systems, etc.

ley de protección de datos

Data Protection Governance
DPO as Services

Cumplimiento integral de RGPD y LOPDGDD. Centralizando la gestión de la privacidad en la empresa. Registro de Actividades de Tratamiento (RAT) centralizado. Gestión de riesgos de privacidad según ISO 29134 e informes automáticos.

Soluciones de ciberseguridad

Implementation and Operation of Cybersecurity Solutions

We look for the best cybersecurity solutions that adapt to each company. We implement the vast majority of cybersecurity solutions on the market by certified personnel. After implementation, we operate them, getting the most out of each one.

perito informático


In the event that a forensic analysis is required for the purpose of knowledge or for the purpose of initiating legal proceedings, we offer the service of a forensic expert composed of chartered forensic experts. The experts can be commercial, technical or in any other field.

Implantación ISO 27001

Implementation of

Implementation of UNE/ISO 27001 and UNE/ISO 27701, adaptation of the General Data Protection Regulation, implementation of the ENS, internal audits for certification renewal and management of the different systems to ensure compliance with these. 

Propiedad Intelectual

Secure Development Lifecycle and Intellectual Property Compliance

We integrate into the software development lifecycle to ensure that it does not introduce vulnerabilities, while also ensuring intellectual property compliance through the use of third-party libraries.

Hornet Security

Securitization &
backup of mail

Cloud security service, (GDPR compliant), for the protection of any email from: spam & malvare protection, ATP, email encryption, continuity service, email archiving, and signature disclainer.

ciberseguridad curso

and Awareness Raising

Awareness-raising is essential in the current context, which is why we offer training and awareness-raising in information security and cybersecurity, adapted to the needs of companies and their different departments.


ISO 27001
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