Monitorización de Apps


Offers value-added services based on Observability that allow companies to track, in real time, all business transactions based on the user experience (real or synthetic), regardless of the technology and infrastructure used.

In a very simple way, we detect where the problems are, both on the infrastructure and service side, resolving performance problems through troubleshooting in a very short time, thanks to the drill down and drill up capabilities provided by Observability solutions.

At nettaro we base our services on market-leading Observability platforms (according to Gartner and Forrester), which allow us to monitor, automate and analyse each business transaction


Virtually every business depends on critical corporate applications. The slightest failure in the performance of these applications can generate a legion of dissatisfied customers and employees. Observability solutions enable organisations to monitor the performance metrics of their business-critical applications, as well as acquire information to proactively improve the performance of these applications. In today’s environment, Observability solutions are not only important, but absolutely necessary for success. 

Observability solutions are not only a tool for the IT Operations area but also a fundamental tool for a large number of areas within an organisation (development, sales, marketing, customer support, …). 


nettaro’ Observability solutions offer unified monitoring for the entire Full Stack environment:

Observability / APM
  • Knowing the response time of 100% of business transaction
  • Automated problem detection with Root Cause Analysis based on AI and Machine Learning
  • End-to-End traceability, in real-time, analysing transactions, dependencies and critical business metrics
  • Real-time digital user experience analysis
  • Monitoring of applications based on Cloud services: Salesforce, ServiceNow, Office 365, MS Dynamics, etc.
  • Identification and extraction of business-critical data. Automatic mapping
  • Monitoring of infrastructure, logs and network metrics
  • Development of customised system and business dashboards
  • Monitoring of Cloud Apps based on microservices, containers (Docker) and orchestrators (Kubernetes)

The Observability / Monitoring services that nettaro provides include:


Applications based on any of the most widely used architectures and frameworks

Applications based on any of the most widely used architectures and frameworks: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Openshift, Dockers, Kubernetes, VMware Tanzu, Angular, React, Spring, Node, .NET, J2EE, GO, PHP, etc.

Applications for mobile platforms

Based on iOS and Android, uncovering critical customer and user data: crashes, device and network performance, usage patterns, etc.




and infrastructure

With which to get detailed visibility of the back-end side to be able to have a full performance optimisation


User Experience

It allows to identify user interaction with applications, based on session recording, heat maps and XMLHttpRequest (XHR) metrics



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