Mobile phones have become an important element in our daily lives as they simplify many of the processes of everyday life and the pandemic has accelerated it even more. According to the tenth edition of the annual Digital 2021 report, almost 43 million Spaniards are Internet users and spend an average of 6 hours and 11 minutes a day surfing the web. In addition, almost 94% access the Internet through a mobile device. Therefore, it is more than convenient for your brand to have a presence on these devices or to analyse the apps development for your organisation.

Benefits of creating an app

  • Notifications: the app must have a direct communication channel with users. It is not enough to notify the individual about updates, but it is also necessary to know their behaviour and requirements in order to offer them what they need at the right time.
  • Usability: in the apps development it is of vital importance to present an easy and intuitive interface that allows the user to make use of it in a comfortable way. If the app is complex to use, it is more likely that the user will abandon the app and will not use it again or recommend it to friends and family.
  • Visibility: with the presence of the brand in an app, the brand gains more visibility in the digital world. The app will not only appear in online app shops, but also in general Google search results.
  • Loyalty: personalisation in apps is indispensable, as it will make it easier for users to adapt to them and include them in their routines.
  • Improve conversions: as they are very specific, they help users to perform actions, facilitating conversions. In addition, links can be placed on the website to improve traffic, promote services and products, and drive different objectives.
  • Personalised attention: apps are available every day and at all hours. Even if your business is not open to the public, users will have the option to access services or review information through their phone.
  • Analytics: analytics is vital to know how the app works and to obtain information about how users use it. In this way, better decisions can be made, the evolution of the app can be identified and its performance can be discovered.
  • Innovation: Mobile devices include many innovative technologies that open up new possibilities for interaction. With creativity, companies can leverage these features to innovate and improve their business.
  • User Experience: Mobile applications are 100% designed for these devices, with specific functions and being highly customisable, they can offer a very good user experience.

"A well-implemented mobile application will make a company stand out from its competitors, increase its reach, and as a consequence, improve the achievement of objectives".

And so we do

  • Compilation of specifications and requirements for the development of the proposal.
  • Document that sets out all the work to be carried out and every aspect to be taken into account.
  • Design and organisation of the infrastructure necessary for the development of the solution.
  • Once the prototype complies with all the requirements requested, it is implemented in production.
  • Design of wireframes and definition of user flows and needs to be covered in order to create a usable product.
  • Coding the design and interaction (Front End), up to the programming and data management of the website (Back End).
  • Prototyping with all the features implemented, in order to perform the final pre-production tests.

An additional fact: Did you know?

Machine Learning is increasingly present in mobile phones. The most popular services are:

  • Voice activation service
  • Location-based services
  • Virtual assistant

As you have seen, the apps development is an excellent way to promote your brand, build customer loyalty and multiply your sales.

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