In 2022, more and more companies are relying on apps to optimise their business model and attract more customers. However, some are still wondering, do I need a monitoring tool?

Why do I need a monitoring tool?

Performance is the basis for the success of any application. In the same way, for users applications have become the best way to satisfy their needs, nowadays the success of a business is directly proportional to its performance. Therefore:


Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is critical and indispensable.

For any business to deliver and maintain a world-class user experience. They should continuously monitor all their networks, servers, applications and business logic to ensure that they deliver the best user experience and keep their customers satisfied.

Benefits of application monitoring

  • Measures the performance of application transactions
  • Monitors the performance of application dependencies
  • Measures performance at the code level
  • Monitors server resource usage
  • Centralised application logging system
  • Among others

Did you know?

IT experts and DevOp teams who want to better understand the performance of their networks and applications use application monitoring tools.

With this tool they get key metrics and information about application, network and server performance in a single dashboard.

Remember, application performance is not just about improving load times or network interaction.

However, performance when it affects the browsing experience of application users plays a critical role in the success of the company or business.

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