Software Asset Management – SAM is a business practice designed to reduce IT costs, limit the risks associated with software ownership and usage, and increase IT efficiency across the enterprise.

Additionally, SAM provides better insight into software usage and value, reduces software license overages or shortages, and improves system security, data integrity and data security.


Many companies, who attempt to track “without proper Software Asset Management”, recognise that this practice can be overwhelming.

Hence the importance of consulting with experts in this solution.

Whatever type of business you are, you can implement it

Enabling you to organise all IT assets. From maintenance and services, to inspection dates and the management of your employees’ certificates.

Implementing a SAM practice is the best solution.

Software Asset Management – SAM, employs continuous tracking of software licence usage, along with optimisation of software licences, with functions that go beyond simple auditing.

Impact of SAM on COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the global SAM markets nationally and internationally.

In those days of financial uncertainty, the practice of asset management can generate cost savings while facilitating transformation and modernisation.

It is estimated that:

SAM market revenues were million dollars in 2016, grew to million dollars in 2022 and will reach million dollars in 2029.

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