“For companies in all sectors, user experience is essential”, satisfying the needs of their customers. Satisfied customers will build brand value and enhance the company’s reputation. This is why UX UI design has become a key part of web and application development in recent times.

Every day there are new websites and applications available on any topic.

This is where the UX UI plays a differentiating role. The success of our website or application will depend on usability; (ease with which users can handle it); in other words, clear and precise interaction. But it is not enough to have good accessibility and an impeccable graphic design, usability and content play a key role in the user experience. It is important to listen to the user with a view to possible expansions and/or updates, remembering the importance of iterating in order to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves.

If, on the other hand, we do not bet on the UX UI and the experience of your customers is not pleasant, it will create a bad image of your brand that will make your customers flee. Recommending to their friends, family or in forums, not to use your services.

Should I invest in UX UI?

User-centred design is an investment with a high return, how? We explain it to you: a proper UX UI design will allow you to project in a clear and attractive way the needs of your customers, but that’s not all if your project has a UX UI team they will detect any possible discomfort of the user, improving their experience and as a result making their satisfaction improve and therefore increase the recommendations of your brand and your service.

To improve the user experience or not? It will depend on your decision

Although we have focused on explaining how usability and accessibility are key pieces in the design and development of your website or application, another important aspect is the graphic design, this should not only be beautiful, it should attract and generate a pleasant visual impact on the user, but it should also be easy for them to find what they are looking for. In conclusion, the design and development of a website or application will only be optimal when the aspects linked to the User Experience UX UI receive the treatment and importance they really have.

At Quenta Solutions our strategy is to create solutions that are both intuitive to use and adapted to the specific tasks of users and the business objectives of our clients. If you have any doubts, Contact us!  We offer you a consultancy and advisory service tailored to your needs.