Before we go into detail on the importance of monitor your Apps, let’s refresh the meaning of this term: application monitoring, also known as APM, is in charge of monitoring, managing and keeping track of the performance of an application. This includes both the technical performance of the application and the performance perceived by users.

How does application monitoring work?

Maintaining software to monitor your apps gives you the ability to look across all critical parts of an application, troubleshoot problems and manage performance easily. 

Differentiating factor of Observability / APM

Performance is the foundation for the success of any application. Remember that users today rely more and more on web applications to satisfy their needs, which is why the success of a business is now directly proportional to the performance of its applications. Therefore, Application Monitoring (Observability / APM) is critical for any business to deliver and maintain a quality user experience. 

Observability / APM Service

Application monitoring captures the user’s interactions with the application providing a detailed view of the actual experience they are having at that moment. If applications are not behaving properly, the tool will collect data on the source of the problem; this collected data is analysed in the context of its impact on the business, and the application environment is corrected to resolve any similar problems before they occur.

IT professionals can create rules for the APM tool to alert them when a problem arises or when application performance drops in a specific area. Applications can also be prioritised based on their business importance.

Other benefits of using Application Monitoring

  • Quickly find bottlenecks that can affect user experience
  • Know which browsers and operating systems your users use most often
  • Focus your application optimisation and evolutionary efforts
  • Know performance differences based on users’ geographic location
  • A better understanding of the features customers actually use

There's even more!

The unified dashboard of most Observability / APM tools provide a one-stop shop for performance monitoring, update management, conflict monitoring and bug fixing. In other words, an Application Monitoring (Observability / APM) tool not only benefits your company, but also your customers. 

Remember: Monitor your applications!

By using application monitoring solutions, you get a unified monitoring and analysis of both the Back-End and Front-End. Facilitating the diagnosis and resolution of problems, in order to provide the best possible user experience.

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